Satvatove Institute

Inspired Transformation Through Satvatove Institute’s Transformative Courses


What would it mean for you to substantially improve your relationships with yourself and others? Do you want to free yourself from the things that have been holding you back from fully living? Are you eager to experience life with increased fullness and inspiration? How satisfied are you with your present life situation, and how willing are you to try something different?

Through the Satvatove Courses you will connect with:

  • POWER: Become the leader of your own life. Create what you have always wanted
  • SKILLS: Communication. Relationships. Conflict Resolution. Team-Building. Simple tools for dealing with all life circumstances
  • TRANSFORMATION: Personal. Interpersonal. Spiritual. Activate your highest potential
  • COMMUNITY: Intimacy. Trust. Cooperation. Assertiveness. Carry the skills into your life with ongoing support. Create change that lasts.

Satvatove Institute courses are facilitated by David B. Wolf, Ph.D. and Marie Glasheen

Satvatove Institute Foundational Course

3 Days of Empowered Communication & Increased Self Awareness

February 15-17, 2019

Satvatove Institute Advanced Course

7 Days of Courageous Introspection and Life Changing Transformation

March 3-9, 2019 

Satvatove Institute Foundational & Advanced Courses Combo

Experience Maximum Transformation & Purposeful Connection

February 15-17, 2019 &
March 3-9, 2019