Be The Reflection You Want To See In The World

This beautiful pic, with the trees and clouds so perfectly reflected on the lake, reminds me how life is often a reflection of who we are and what we think and say about ourselves.

If we are appreciative and grateful, we will find more in life to be appreciative and grateful for.

If we are angry then people and situations in our life will seem to give us more to be angry about.

If we are joyful, we will experience more joy in our life.

If we are always stressed and busy then life will seem to give us more things to be stressed about.


One day my life coach/mentor asked me how things had been going and I said “it’s been crazy.” Her response was, “you say that every time I ask you. Are things really that crazy all the time?” Hmmm🤔

When I really thought about it the answer was no. I realized that because I was always telling myself and others that life was crazy, my life seemed like it was chaotic most of the time. But when I stopped and looked at what was so crazy I could see there wasn’t a lot. Yes I had some stresses and different things going on but it didn’t warrant “crazy” all the time.

In that moment I could see how the story I’d been telling myself about how crazy my life was actually created the experience in my life where I felt stressed and rushed ALL the time.

Our words are powerful and weigh a lot on our experience in life. Becoming aware of how I was always using those words allowed me to choose different words that were more aligned with what was true for me which led to a different experience.

Be the reflection you want to see in the world❤️