Give Up The Thoughts That Weigh You Down!

Truth… but the struggle is real!! Thoughts can keep us trapped in fear or free us to live fully. They can be a runaway train of chaos or they can be constructive and calming. When my thoughts hop on the train to Crazyville, which they often do, I reign them in with ACT. 

Awareness – taking my thoughts off autopilot and becoming aware of what I’m thinking about. 

Choice – realizing I can choose different thoughts. I say just kidding and erase, erase, erase a lot during the day😆

Transform – taking control of what I’m thinking  about and turning my limiting thoughts into constructive ones. 

Repeat all day! Gradually, with time and practice, they run on autopilot less and we feel less stressed and more in control. What we feed our mind contributes to our thoughts. Feed your mind what you want more of! 

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